Entity Formation

Choosing the right business structure can greatly impact the success of your business by either helping you pay less in taxes while granting liability protection or by causing you pay more in fees while misusing the entity which then grants no liability protection. We want to be your team of experts that can help make recommendations to the entity that would be most beneficial to their business.

Business Entity

Entity Formation in Scotts Valley, CA

  • No-fee meeting to make a recommendation for your business
  • Simple Process to Form the Entity of Your Choosing
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
  • S-Corporations
  • C-Corporations

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting by opening a business bank account is a great way to keep your personal expenses separate from your business. To open a business account most banks require an EIN number and Fictitious Business Name filing with the county if your personal name is not part of the business’s name.

When thinking about business entities, the key benefit is that they create separation between your personal assets and what is held by the business in case you get sued. The tradeoff is that in CA you have to pay an $800 minimum fee annually for the liability protection. If protecting your personal assets seems like it is well worth the fee then an entity will be a good fit.

The best business structure depends on a few different factors with the main being your business net profits. S-Corporations are the only business structure that grants tax advantages but do have stricter compliance regulations. With a 1-hour meeting we can analyze your business and make a recommendation of what entity would be the best fit.

We offer a full compliance program that is less than half the price of legal zoom annually so that your entity can stay in compliance. Our team has never missed a statement of information filing deadline!

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